MartinMeyer-portraitmartinFILMS tells stories: love stories, life stories, adventure stories of work and play. We tell your stories, in personal, cinematic films alive with visual drama and detail. You might be getting married or meeting new customers. You might be presenting creative work, a home for sale, or a Kickstarter vision. Or you might be preserving memories for your grandchildren or honoring someone who has made a difference. Whatever your story, we will work with you to tell it beautifully and tell it with impact.

martinFILMS is headed by Oakland-based filmmaker Martin Meyer, who works both solo and as the director of a crew of talented associates, as required by each project. Trained in Germany and New York, he brings the approach of a documentary filmmaker and the eye of an artist to his films. With more than fifteen years experience in client-centered filmmaking, Meyer sets the easygoing, non-obtrusive tone for martinFILMS shoots, delighting clients who have invited martinFILMS into their important moments.

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Phone: 510.325.7750 | Email: martin@martinfilms.com